Ear rings are the simplest way to look classy. They enhance your beauty without being too obvious.

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Rosy Swings Earrings
Rs. 375.00

Earrings to match your taste and grace. Rose can lift any girls' mood, right? Earrings are made o..

Smokey Rainbow Earrings
Rs. 395.00

Monsoon droplets with a reflection of VIBGYOR after a refreshing rain. These crystal drops earrings ..

Snowdrops Earrings (Green)
Rs. 495.00

These chandelier style colourful earrings strike just the right balance between timeless and trendy...

Stars Shine Down Earrings
Rs. 375.00

Bright and shiney hoop earrings to match your charismatic personality.  Perfect on any outfit- ..

Sunset Clouds Earrings
Rs. 355.00

Reminds you of twilight summer sky with fabulous black and rouge colour. I've tried to bring that co..

Swan Wings Earrings
Rs. 425.00

A Feminine and classic pair with a burst of sparkling colours in a leaf setting. Shining of crystals..

Sweet Nothings Earrings
Rs. 395.00

Perfect wear jewelry for Valentine and every ocacssion when love is around the corner. Wear these 'c..

Sweet Peas Earrings
Rs. 395.00

These Bronze coloured earrings could be just the thing to make an ordinary outfit outstanding. These..