Ear rings are the simplest way to look classy. They enhance your beauty without being too obvious.

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Tropical Tan Earrings
Rs. 655.00

 These flower bud earrings with pearly shoots inside are surreal. You will love  the way t..

Turquoise Ocean Earrings
Rs. 495.00

 These shiney multi-faceted crystal earrings will leave you breathless. Versatile, these earrin..

Vintage Ruby Earrings
Rs. 395.00

These stunning Swarovski crystal drops earrings feature two Swarovski Elements with ruby stones. Per..

Wholey Holey II Earrings
Rs. 295.00

Show your bolder side with this pair of earrings. You can wear it with any colour, it compliments yo..

Wire Debut Earrings
Rs. 395.00

Very close to my heart, my first wire babies. Handcrafted with love. Earrings are made with Coppe..