Fairy Tale Necklace

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A versatile piece with an appreciation for beauty. Feel the breeze and float away wearing this gorgeous and fun butterfly necklace. Spread your wings and fly! 

Brass buttefly charm and Silver antique polished copper bead are adorn with Stellux Austrian Crystals, made by one of the most respected crystal manufacturers in the world.  Necklace made with silver plated aluminium chain, very light in weight. 

Stellux Austrian Crystals - The nine large and three small facets on the front and nine facets on the back of the patented Stellux cut give it a broader scope of reflectivity than that of other crystal on the market. Compared to common eight-faceted crystals, which only reflect narrowly from the center, Stellux is visibly and verifiably more brilliant – regardless of the angle from which the crystal is viewed.

Size - Length = 19 inches. Chain length = 16.5 inches, pendent length = 2.5

Care Information - 
Always keep into Polly pack after use. Avoid humidity. 

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Fairy Tale Necklace
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